Do you have boring, thin, dull hair that drops volume like AT&T phone service?

We have 2 secrets to lasting volume we’ve held in our arsenal but now we’re sharing them with you.

Flat, boring, thin and dull – that’s in the past. Your future is bright and voluminous with our 2 tricks that take less than 2 minutes.

  1. Tease – section your hair at the crown. We like to take 2-3 sections depending on the thickness of your hair. Take a small tooth comb to gently backcomb each section of hair.  Avoid combing vigorously back and forth, this can damage your hair and cause breakage, yuck. Focus on brushing downwards 3-4 inches from above your roots, pull out the comb, and repeat.

  2. Swept Up – seriously one of our fav Oribe products (well, that’s a lie because the dry shampoo, imperial blowout, super shine spray – OMG they’re all amazing!) getting back to volume, Swept Up in magic in a bottle.  A few sprays of this magic powder in the crown of your hair right where you want volume will give you the look you desire. Best of all, it will last all day!