Turn heads when you walk in a room with our secrets to perfect hair…  and much more

Hey gorgeous!

It’s the best feeling ever to have the perfect hair because it makes any outfit look good and automatically adds a pep to your step.

The other day I walked into Whole Foods with 6 day old hair and a top knot. Immediately to the left at the coffee bar I saw a mom and daughter sitting at a table enjoying lunch and stopped dead in my tracks at how beautiful their hair was. I said to my husband “they just left Tousled I know it”. With a few more steps I stopped and told him “I have to ask if they just got a blowout.”

So I did… with my 6 day old unwashed hair in a top knot (how to extend your blowout challenge and info are coming soon -promise!)

I walked up to the girls and asked if they just had a blowout.  With smiles they said “YES! We went to Tousled and we’re hooked”.

After a short convo I left delighted that they loved our salon 🙂 and thrilled that they loved their hair.

Beautiful hair doesn’t go without notice. Like I said, the moment I walked by them I knew immediately they either practice on their hair ALL the time or they just got a blowout by a professional.

This is exactly why we opened Tousled because a blowout not only helps you feel beautiful but it saves you time in the long run because a blowout lasts for days.

You’re probably thinking “get to the good stuff”.  I got your back, here are our Tousled Secrets to perfect hair:

  1. Get or give yourself a good blowout.  By building style with a round brush your blowout will hold for days instead of falling flat 10 minutes after styling.
  2. Use the perfect product for your hair type and style. I used to think product was a waste of time and money. Boy was I wrong!  The perfect product will help give your hair the hold, shine, hydration and bounce it needs. Plus, the perfect product, is my secret weapon to extending my blowout for up to 6 days. YES, I’m serious about that.  I get a blowout once a week and make that baby last the entire time.  You will get to see how to extend your blowout in an upcoming challenge we have – stay tuned.
  3. Trial and error. Everyone’s hair is different. The texture/style of your hair changes with age, hormones, etc. therefore it is important to educate yourself on technique and products. This takes trial and error as well as asking your stylist questions when you’re in their chair.

So there you have it.  The Tousled 3 steps to the perfect hair. It sounds easy, I know, but it took me time and the help of others to finally achieve my hair goals. We’re here to help you do the same.

If you enjoyed these three steps, share them with a friend so you can hold each other accountable to putting time and effort in your hair.

Of course, if you need hair help we’re here for you.  The Devoted Membershipis the perfect tool to help you look and feel amazing on the daily.  When you sign up for The Devoted Membership now through 12/15/2017 you will receive a $40 gift card which makes a great stocking stuffer.

Give us a call for more details on The Devoted Membership or to schedule your next blowout at 316-494-0760.

Kalene and The Tousled Team